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We offer a number of high quality services designed to clean, renew, and beautify your home and property.

Power Washing Specialist

Power Washing

We safely and effectively pressure wash the exterior of homes or buildings to eliminate dirt, mold and mildew. We use nothing but environmentally friendly detergents.
We carefully pressure wash all types of wood and restore your deck using the highest quality stains and sealers.
We use professional surface cleaners to make your patios look like new. We also remove the moss and weeds from your pavers. 

Dirt, grease stains, gum, tree sap along with mold and mildew are removed from your sidewalks and walkways with our concrete pressure washing services.

We offer Gutter Whitening services. Unsightly black streaks won’t be removed with power washing. With a little elbow grease and the proper cleaning agents, we can restore your gutters back to sparkling white.

We wash auto and trucks. We come to you and clean your vehicles on a schedule that you set.

Gutter Cleaning

Your home’s exterior needs protection from rain and its damaging moisture. When filled with leaves, dirt and debris, free standing water will attract termites, mosquitos, and rodents. This is also an environment for mold growth which can be very hazardous to your home. The weight of the water and debris can cause gutters to sag or pull away fromthe house. This can ruin the pitch of your gutters, preventing water from properly travelling through the downspouts. If not attended to, the water can also penetrate the foundation of your home!

At least two cleanings a year are recommended to keep your gutters working properly (depending on how many trees are on your property). Make sure your gutters are flowing properly to prevent foundation damage, moisture and mold!

Reliant will take care of the dangerous chore of cleaning your gutters. We will clean your gutters carefully, making sure everything from the gutters is placed in buckets or bags and not thrown to the ground around your house. All debris will be neatly bagged and placed in your garbage removal area. Wewill also flush your gutters downspouts making sure everything is clean and flowing properly. You don’t even have to be home for you appointment. Just leave the outdoor water on for us and upon completion of the job, we will leave you an invoice.

Window Cleaning

We offer residential & commercial window cleaning services.
We clean all types of windows including screens and storm windows and cleaning of frames and sills. We takes great care in cleaning screens and storm windows outside as not to dirty your home. We very carefully move furniture and remove curtains and window treatments if necessary.
We will clean commercial business or storefront windows on a schedule that is convenient for you.


Reliant Painting provides customers with prompt, reliable, and expert service. We have grown our business one satisfied customer at a time, making us the top choice in residential and commercial painting for people throughout New Jersey.

We use only Benjamin Moore paint and products to ensure a wide selection of colors, and excellent durability which means a longer lasting paint job and better lasting  results.

Our services include interior and exterior painting, and wallpapering. This involves extensive  preparation of all surfaces to achieve the best results. We do not cut corners when it comes to scraping, sanding , caulking and power washing in order to prepare your home for a quality paint job.

We carry full insurance and fully guarantee the quality of our work.

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