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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

Have you noticed those dark streaks or stains on your roof?

These stains are living algae on your shingles and are most prominent in shaded areas because it receives less sunlight. This means more moisture from dew and rain, creating an environment of maximum growth. Besides looking unsightly, this in time will destroy your roof!

Roofing can not be cleaned with traditional powerwashing methods. High pressure power washing can crack or loosen the shingles. This can shorten the life of the shingles, possibly cause leaks, and often will void the warranty of your roof. At Reliant we use a soft wash process to clean your roof. We start by soaking the roof with water to prevent the shingles from absorbing too much detergent and helps it clean evenly. After the environmentally safe detergent is applied to the roof and adequate time has been given to let the detergent clean the algae, we then soft wash the roof at a very low water pressure and at an angle that no water gets underneath the shingles. The result is a brand new looking roof! No need to replace your shingles. The last step of the process is to spray your roof with an algae retardant to prevent algae from returning. You get many more years out of your newly cleaned roof.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this cost effective process that will add years to your roof as wellas keeping it looking brand new!











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